Amnesia | Feminized Cannabis Seeds

SuperStrains | Amnesia | Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering typeFeminized
Yieldup to 650 gr/m2
Harvest month
Harvest outdoorsOctober (end)
HeightTall max. 250 cm
THCHigh 20-25%
Genetic background
Genetic backgroundSativa
Flowering time
Flowering indoors70-80 days

Amnesia feminized cannabis seeds

These days there are serval seedcompanies who offer feminized amnesia seeds,
but the true connaisseur knows: SuperStrains is 'Home of the Amnesia'
We are the ones who discovered this amazing plant and gave her the name.

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Amnesia is a unique plant and is world famous for it's ultimate high and medical characteristics.



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SuperStrains - Amnesia - Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Buy your Amnesia Haze feminized cannabis seeds now online

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Amnesia, since 1996 on the market, probably one of the most popular cannabis strains in the last decades.

Old school Sativa genetics combined with an exceptional Indica, which gives her the short flowering time: only 10 weeks.
For an Indica strain 10 weeks is not really that fast, but when it's time to harvest this lady gives the (unforgetable) typical Amnesia aroma, impressive and strong, like a haze.

By this time it is amazing what has formed in these 10 wks ...
The weight they wear can only be matched by much longer flowering (Sativa) species.

Growing these feminized Amnesia strain is easy and fun. She wears little leaf, is almost immune to spint and mites and grows exceptionally heavy under the right conditions.

For the consumer it is just like that ....

The taste is unique and not comparable to any other. Soft, almost liquid and very tasteful.
The effect is hard to explain because it is totally outside of the box, not comparable with any other
kind anywhere..... The high is euphoric and feels endless.

In our view, indeed the best available cannabis strain in the world,
which most people who have met Her will thoroughly agree.

Here's your chance to meet this Legend.

Read the Amnesia Story

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