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Our 'collection-series' is a great opportunity to try out all your favourite strains.

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SuperStrains | The Amnesia Collection | Feminized Cannabis Seeds New

The Amnesia Collection

SuperStrains - The Amnesia CollectionDo you already know the world famous Amnesia?Well, this collect..

€ 24.75

The Autoflowering Collection New

The Autoflowering Collection

SuperStrains - The Autoflowering CollectionSeveral years ago the market has been introduced to Autof..

€ 18.14

The Feminized Collection New

The Feminized Collection

SuperStrains - The Feminized CollectionSo you like feminized seeds, but don't know which strain to c..

€ 22.73

SuperStrains | The Indica Collection | Feminized Cannabis Seeds New

The Indica Collection

SuperStrains - The Indica CollectionSo you like indica strains, but don't know which one to choose?N..

€ 16.49

SuperStrains | The Sativa Collection | Feminized Cannabis Seeds New

The Sativa Collection

SuperStrains - The Sativa CollectionAre you looking for the creme de la creme in Sativa strains?You ..

€ 24.75